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Unbound Life

"Working From Home is Not New News to a Group of People Who Have Been Doing it For Decades"

Our Story

At 28 years of age, Vishal Patel suffered a debilitating stroke that almost killed him. If not for his desire to fight, and the love and care he received from his wife and family, he would not be here today. After battling back to almost his old self, and after picking up his great career, another stoke came out of the blue when he was 36, only this one was even more devastating.

Again, he decided to fight, and again with the love and support of his wife Deepa, and his parents and sister, he fought and fought to regain what he had lost. This time, he has not yet come all the way back, but as you will see from this short video, his progress has been remarkable.

During his darkest moments, Vishal made a promise that if he covered enough, he would not only share how he did it, but he would also spend his life helping those who have also had setbacks. Firstly, he became a licensed hypnotherapist, and then he decided to build Unbound Life, as a way to help employers really see the skill sets and loyalty that homebound people can bring to any organization. 

We all know by now that the most diverse and inclusive organizations are often the highest performing organizations. Unbound Life matches employers with appositely skilled homebound employees on a full-time or temporary basis. 

Opportunities exist for appropriate homebound people to open local Unbound businesses.

Transparency: Unbound Life is a South Carolina Public Benefit Corporation that is wholly owned by the Patel Family

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