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Family Caregivers Alliance

“Sometimes Our Work as Caregivers is Not for The Faint of Heart. But, You Will Never Know What You’re Made of Until You Step Into The Fire.

Step Bravely.”

~Deborah A. Beasley

Our Story

53,000,000 American's provide some form of unpaid care to a family member with a chronic condition or special need. 37% had to give up a job to provide the level of care required, and the average out of pocket expense each year is $7,000. 

It is little wonder that over 60% of unpaid caregivers are under so much financial, emotional, communal, and education stress, that they themselves are diagnosed as "at risk". 

These statistics were unacceptable to a group people are themselves reliant on family members to provide the care they need, so, they decided to do something about it. The group includes Mr. Vishal Patel who has had to rely on his wife Deepa and his family for his care, and Mr. Stuart Williams who has a daughter that battles JME. 

The medical world tell us that the healthier a caregiver is, the better the outcome will be for those they care for. Unfortunately, reality does not work that way.

Family Caregivers Alliance is a free platform for caregivers that is purposed to help them get emotionally, financially, educationally, and communally healthier. At the same time, it provides them with the opportunity to:

  • Purchase the products and services they need for themselves and the person they are caring for at most favored nation status prices

  • Participate in live workshops and seminars on best practices in caregiving and in caring for themselves

  • Receive the most up-to-date information, education, and treatment break throughs on the condition their family member has

  • Build relationships with other caregivers who have walked a mile in their shoes

  • Generate an income

As a cohort of 43,000,000 people, we will no longer accept being forgotten, and Impact Life provides us with the ability to step forward to solve our own problems. 

Opportunities exist for appropriate caregivers only to build local cohorts of caregivers within their own communities.

Transparency: FCA is majority owned by the Patel Family, with In Place Impact and the original group of caregivers holding minority interests.

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