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Impact Economics

"The Future of Place-Based Economies"

Our Story

"As the world starts to talk about developing new community based economic systems using inclusive capitalism, In Place Impact has already done it. Furthermore, they have tested their model of Impact Economics for almost a decade, proven that it works, and are giving 8,000 people the opportunity to deploy it in their own communities"​

~ Lawrence Bloom

Secretary-General, Be Earth, 

A United Nations IGO

In Place Impact is providing opportunities for thousands of people to become Impact Economics Certified, and to build their own self-funding, profitable consulting organizations designed to embed Impact Economics in their own local communities.  

To date we are certifying people in the US, England, Nigeria, Liberia, Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala, and Belize. 

Will you be the person to bring it to your local community?

Transparency: Impact Economics is owned by In Place Impact

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