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"I Urge You to Travel – as Far and as Widely as Possible. Find Out How Other People Live and Eat and Cook. Learn From Them – Wherever You Go. Culture and History are Prime Ingredients in Fantastic Meals"

~Anthony Bourdain

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Our Story

We are students at the College of Charleston are huge Anthony Bourdain fans! We wanted to build a business where we could combine our love of travel, and learning about the history, culture, and foods of the places we visit, with our desire to help people make an income. With 8 million visitors each year, Charleston, SC was an obvious place for us to start.

Guestaurant provides pre-screened local residents with the ability to host dinner parties at their home. They can use the Guestaurant App to publish the date and time of the dinner, what is being cooked (with all of the ingredients), how many seats are available at the table, what (if anything guests can bring), and how much it is to attend. They can also showcase their knowledge of local history and culture, and provide guests (for an extra fee) to come early to learn how to cook the meal. 

Visitors to Charleston can search by date, type of food, location, rating, etc., etc., and they can also see the profiles of any other visitors that have booked seats at the table. Guests also have ratings that the host can see. 

Prices range from $30 per guest to over $100 depending upon the type of dinner, wine being served etc., etc. 

Opportunities will be available for people wishing to license Guestaurant in their communities.

Transparency: Guestaurant is majority owned by students at the College of Charleston, with minority interests owned by local Impact Investors and In Place Impact.

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