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Charleston, SC

Where it all started and now available for you to learn from and replicate in your own community. 

The Beginning 

In 2013 the Williams family started working with the School of Business at the College of Charleston, Mayor John Tecklenburg, and notable business and community leaders to embed Impact Economics in Charleston, SC.


To date, the results have been remarkable and include:

  • Embedding Impact Focused Classes at The College of Charleston, including:

    • The award winning, 6-credit ImpactX (Impact Entrepreneurship) class A 1-credit Impact Investing class

    • Curriculums on cause marketing, integrated reporting, impact measurement, and leadership and management through the lens of Profit for Purpose

    • A soon to be launched EMBA on Leadership and Management Through the Lens of Profit for Purpose

  • The Rebecca and Stuart Williams Impact Scholars Program

  • Charleston's Only Free Community Impact Entrepreneurship Class

    • Open to any resident of the greater Charleston area who has a hope or a dream of how to participate in and personally benefit from the creation of vibrant community segments. Over 700 have taken the class, Over 70% are female, over 60% are minority, and over 50% live in the most marginalized segments of the Charleston region​

  • Charleston's Only Free Impact Incubator: A place where graduates of the student and community classes come to continue building out their impact focused innovations.

  • Charleston's Impact Day: This annual event brings together Charleston's growing Impact Investing Community with its Impact Entrepreneurs. Even during COVID, 7 local impact Innovations we launched and funded with local capital. ​


There is a great deal more to the impact economics model that can be seen by visiting However, just the above results in the creation of multiple for-profit, impact focused innovations purposed to help solve community-based socioeconomic and environmental problems. 

You can bring the model to your own community, and replicate this 

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